Tackling the Big Issues

In Year 9, we are studying a unit on Cells and Life – all about reproduction, the nervous and endocrine systems and disease. As part of this unit, we’ve been looking into some of the big issues of reproduction, including IVF, “designer babies” and sperm donation.

One of the issues we wanted to focus on was about IVF. Here was some of the background information to help the students understand more about what it is.

20131120-093359.jpgThe students then had to wrestle with a big moral issue around IVF: what do we do with the unused embryos? Should we destroy them, keep them “on ice” indefinitely, donate them to another family or donate them to research? The students debated and discussed these issues and had to support and defend their positions. Here is a collection of their ideas:

20131120-093331.jpgIt’s so important that students get the time and space to discuss and consider these ethical issues, especially as these are things that they will undoubtedly encounter in their lives and may have even experienced themselves.

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