Models of the Universe

Well, we’re back into school now, kicking into Term 4. I know the blog has been quiet for the last few weeks – I was very deliberately taking a relaxing holiday with the family and trying to switch off as much as possible.

My Year 10 class is doing an astronomy unit (unimaginatively called The Universe), where we explore the Big Bang theory, the life cycle of stars, nuclear fusion and a whole lot more. In order to get themselves better acquainted with our current model of the universe, we need to know more about where we’ve come from.

I asked the students to research the models of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo and Einstein, as well as comparing the ideas of a geocentric vs heliocentric universe. I really wasn’t sure how much they’d get into it on the second day back but they took to it straight away. Each group chose a model to research and put their information on a piece of butcher’s paper, which they stuck up onto the whiteboard when they were finished. Here’s their work at the end of the lesson:


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