Farewell Year 12

Well, that day has finally arrived – My Year 12 Chemistry class have graduated! The culmination of 13 years of schooling was celebrated today in one big ceremony. It was a wonderful celebration of how far they had come and this being the first step of this new chapter in their lives (apologies for cliche overload – it’s hard not to resort to those well-worn phrases!). Here’s a snapshot of the ceremony:

It was hard to say goodbye, even though I will see most of them again in the coming weeks as they prepare for their upcoming HSC exam. They were my first senior class! Even though my Year 11 class of 26 students was reduced to 15 in Year 12, it has been such a pleasure to play a part in their journey. Something that makes me even prouder is that almost all of my class are going into a science-related field at university – including a couple who are contemplating going into science teaching!

Inspired by Sam Shah’s post, here is a letter that I wrote to them as they move off into the world:

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