“Chalk” one up for Whiteboarding and the Mistake Game

20130913-204701.jpgRecently I’ve been seeking feedback from my Year 11 Chemistry class about their plans for moving on to Year 12. (For North American readers, our Year 11 is only 3 terms long, finishing 3/4 of the way through the year so that Year 12 can go for 12 months and finish in time for their HSC exams in October. They can choose to drop a subject at this point and so many students use it as a time to take stock of how they are going.)

As a part of this feedback process, I gave them a Google Form so they could signal their intentions and give me some feedback on how our class has been going. I’ve found it really useful in the past, even if it hasn’t always been pleasant. One thing that was really enlightening, though, was the positive comments about whiteboarding and the Mistake Game. Here are some highlights:

“Using the whiteboards has been extremely helpful, as you can keep trying, correcting and rubbing out your working to express the process of figuring out the question in a visual form, and I enjoyed that. Also the Mistake Game was good because not only did I realise mistakes people could make, I also realised some of the mistakes I was making myself.”

“I love the whiteboards. The mistake game was effective as I found I focused a lot harder on trying to find mistakes in problems rather than trying to solve them!”

So proud!

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