Making Fossils – Part 1

My Year 9 class are studying a unit called Our Changing Earth, all about plate tectonics, natural disasters, climate change and fossils. As we come to the end of the term and the end of the unit, one activity I want them to do is to create their own fossil. I know lots of teachers do this (typically with Plaster of Paris etc) but I wanted to take it somewhere different.

My idea is that I want students to have the experience of uncovering their own fossil. Now, if time and resources weren’t as much of a factor, I really would’ve liked for them to dig up a patch of ground, bury some bones and then uncover them later.

But in lieu of this, I’m getting them to make their own clay/mud bricks with bones inside. We’ll set them in the sun for a few days to a week and then crack out the picks to open them up. It should be really exciting, and I’m looking forward to how it goes.

The first part, though, is to prepare some bones. I grabbed two bags of chicken frames from the supermarket and am boiling them up to make some nice bones for fossils. Here’s the before:

20130910-204238.jpgAnd here’s the after:


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