Renewing my Whiteboarding

20130814-071801.jpgVery exciting – I went down to Bunnings on the weekend (for North American readers, this is our equivalent to Home Depot or Lowe’s) to pick up these little beauties.

I have been whiteboarding in a limited way for almost 2 years now, but using boards bought from Kmart and the local $2 shop (not sure of the US term?). Unfortunately they haven’t really lasted the distance, especially the Kmart ones, which is odd because they were more expensive at $10 apiece. This has made it difficult to do effective whiteboarding, because I was only running with about 5 functional boards. This was passable with my smaller Chemistry classes, but for anything larger it was hardly worth it.

So after finally getting sick of this, I decided to follow up on Frank’s method and try to do it in bulk for cheaper. I was having a look around Bunnings and after some hunting found that they sell 1200×900 sheets of white marker board for $14.50 each. I bought 4 sheets and asked them to cut up each sheet into 4 600×450 boards. So I now have 16 high quality new boards for less than $4 each. Woohoo!

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