Mistake Game revisited

Following on from my post from the other day, I tried the mistake game with my Year 11’s again yesterday. It was INCREDIBLE. They were engaged and helping each other. They were asking productive questions, making useful suggestions to help rework a solution. They were giving advice to each other and helping to clarify points of confusion that popped up. It was just like it ought to be. I was very proud of how they conducted themselves.

To follow up from this, I set them one of the following incorrect solutions as a homework exercise:


20130807-092507.jpgThe students needed to identify the three conceptual errors in each solution and then correct them.

They went really well with it! Generally speaking they were able to identify the misconceptions, explain what they did and correct it. Here is one standout example:

Interestingly, one student corrected a misconception on their sheet by making the key mistake present on the other sheet! Just goes to show how useful this exercise is. So all in all, a real win!

3 responses to “Mistake Game revisited

  1. Sweet! I’m so glad you’re finding it useful. 🙂

  2. I really like the idea of finding errors in a worked problem as an alternative to more problem sets. I really like the way you set this up! Will definitely give it a shot with those persistent mistakes I see kids make every year.

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