Using Socrative in class

Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun the journey towards staff using iPads as an additional device. This was a decision that was greatly influenced by our decision to ask our Year 7’s next year to bring their own iPad as their electronic device. The rollout to staff begins in earnest next term but some of us have received them early to begin training up with a view to taking on a more active role in teaching other staff how to use them effectively.

One app that another teacher introduced me to yesterday is called Socrative. I’d vaguely heard of it beforehand but he walked us all through it and it seemed really straightforward, so I thought I’d give it a go today in my classes.

You can create quizzes, use it to get instant feedback to oral questions as well as written ones, with multiple choice, T/F or short answer. Lots of options with minimal fuss.

It was really effective! A number of my students were in his maths class so they had already been exposed to it but it was a really useful tool to quickly assess where the kids were at. The feedback was immediate and useful and gave me a good chance to see how many of the students understood what we were working on. I’ll definitely be using this one again!

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