The final eggs-periment

All good things must come to an end, and so the egg experiment must conclude. In between the last post and this one, we took the dark purple egg and place it in plain, colourless water to see if the colour would leach back out again. Interestingly, the blue did but the red didn’t, so the egg went a little more red-purple afterwards. However, sitting in the same thing of water for a few days also encouraged a bit of mould – bringing about this last test. 

We had to know – what would happen if we boiled it? Would it explode or stay intact? Would it remain purple or lose all of its colour?

Some observations in the end:

  1. The egg did stay intact but it was very soft, even though we boiled it for almost 20 minutes all up. It almost fell apart in my hands after cutting it!
  2. It did stay purple but lost a large amount of its red colour in particular (as you can see by the water in the jug above, which was the water we boiled it in).
  3. The purple colour penetrated into the yolk, but not all the way. Some of it is still clearly yellow, even after several days of soaking.

I showed this off to my Year 10 class this morning – confirming their view of me as a science geek! Who else would do this at home for no real reason other than curiosity?


One response to “The final eggs-periment

  1. I think the two of you were meant for each other! I don’t know too many other couples who would have completed a three or was it four stage experiment on one poor egg.

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