Professional Learning Communities

Today was my first true school-wide PD session, where a consultant came to school to introduce us to the concept of schools as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). There was a lot of information given (in the typical sit-and-get style of PD, but not surprising with 300 staff) and so I’m sure that it’ll take a fair bit of time to digest the ideas.  However, there were certainly a few ideas that I took away from our session:

  • The focus of everything we do needs to be on the students’ learning, not just on our teaching or the day to day to-do list. If we don’t have their learning as our ultimate goal, then we short-change our kids.
  • Schools need to have a systemic approach to supporting students in their learning so they don’t fall through the cracks, regardless of why.
  • We need to put more effort into students’ success in learning than they ever could to fail.

Success isn’t all about marks, scores or Band 6s in the HSC; as far as I’m concerned, it’s all about growth. We educate the whole child, and each student is more than a grade on a school report. It is imperative that they feel safe and secure in their school environment, but they are also capable of achieving great things in this life!

One response to “Professional Learning Communities

  1. Carrie Alexander

    This is our third year with PLC and second with PLC’s in departments. LOVE IT!! As long as you have people with the kids interests at heart, you will become a better teacher.

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