Things my students taught me

Well, prac is finally over. Despite the paucity of posts letting you know what I was up to, it was a wonderfully challenging and inspiring time and I was inwardly encouraged by the fact that I was disappointed that it was over!  I figure that if I could’ve easily just kept on going, that’s a good sign that I should stick at this teaching caper.

Needless to say, I have taught many different lessons over the almost 5 weeks that I have been on prac – some of them good, others much less so. But it has been enlightening to reflect on what the students taught me in return! Some valuable lessons here methinks.

  • Students are full of surprises – I’ve been amazed at what some of my students are capable of, especially when we ventured into more creative territory.
  • Reconstructing a skeleton (as we did with the recent discovery of Ned Kelly’s remains) is not as easy as it seems!
  • It can be surprising to see which students grow on you, even in such a short time. I will genuinely miss them!
  • Anonymity and technology can be a dangerous mix, as well as a license to spend 3 periods on a task that SHOULD only take 1 period!
  • Knowing your students’ names is a powerful relationship-builder.
  • There are a thousand ways to pronounce my surname, some closer than others. But Mr K works for me.
  • It can be heartbreaking sometimes when students express that they would rather just be told what to do than to choose for themselves.
  • You can’t engage everybody, all of the time – try as you might!
  • Demonstrations that explode never get old – heck, even I still get a kick out of them!
  • Being out of your comfort zone is meant to be exactly that – uncomfortable. But hey, you certainly learn a lot.
  • Being brave and trying new things may not work out every time, but it teaches your students that it’s okay to try.

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