You know you’re a teacher when…

Unusually, I happened to find myself home alone tonight with some time to catch up on some blokes’ movies that my wife has no interest in watching.  One I had been meaning to finish watching is Terminator 2.  So here I am, just trying to relax and yet I couldn’t help but look for all the science lesson ideas in amongst all the explosions and stunts!  I was doing it almost without thinking, which I figured is a clear sign that I’m turning into a full-blown teacher.  How many other jobs make you automatically look for the learning opportunities in truck crashes, liquid nitrogen spills and motorcycle jumps?  Never mind just enjoying a bit of escapism, where’s my next engaging task??

So I’m interested in the question in the title of this post – what are the things that you do in your everyday life that make you realise you’re a teacher?

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