In but not of?

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with where I’m at as a teacher.  As I’m currently on holidays from my uni classes and my teaching work, I’ve enjoyed catching up on my blog reading and continued to engage with meaningful discussions around what good teaching is like.  But because I’m still studying and not finished yet, I must admit that sometimes I feel a bit like an impostor.  I often feel reluctant to actively engage in discussions on Twitter or post comments on others’ blogs because I feel like I have little by way of experience to contribute.  In my mind I know that this is silly, as I already have several years of university level teaching experience under my belt.  But I see these other great teachers out there and feel like I’m just the newbie and would be better off keeping my mouth shut.  In my mind I know that it’s a valuable thing to already be engaging with other teachers out there but I just can’t shake the feeling that I don’t belong yet.  Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive!

2 responses to “In but not of?

  1. Even the most inexperienced of teachers can have ideas that other teachers would overlook. I think the heart of teaching is the sharing of ideas, be it with other teachers or with your students.

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