The journey so far – Part 2

So having decided that high school teaching was for me, this past year I decided to go back to uni.  I’m studying a Bachelor of Teaching in Secondary Education at UTS part time, so I’m one year down and one to go.  I must admit that it is a little strange to be both a student and a teacher at the same institution, but at least it’s at two different campuses so it’s not quite so noticeable!

Now ordinarily it is possible to finish my course in 12 months, but I decided to go the part-time route because before my wife Annie and I had our gorgeous daughter Tahlia in May last year.  It’s also quite an unusual situation to be in, especially compared with what your typical uni student has to deal with – trying to juggle assignments with changing nappies (diapers to those across the Pacific) and more.  But thankfully, in my course there IS no typical uni student, as many of us are trying to make it work in all sorts of circumstances.  Compared with many of the other students in my course, I feel like I’ve got it easy! It has definitely made the adjustment a lot easier, as I know that I’m far from the only one struggling to manage the workload.

Because of the way that I have split my subjects, this past year has been largely theoretical subjects – sociology, psychology and so on.  I must admit that it has been a bit dry at times (there is only so much Pierre Bourdieu one can take!), but I have found it really beneficial to have a teaching job in which I can apply the things I’ve learned directly to my teaching.  There have been several instances when I’ve taken the opportunity to think more deeply about how and why I teach the way that I do, and how I might improve.  I’m really looking forward to this coming year, as I get to finally get my hands dirty (so to speak) with some practical teaching subjects –  can’t wait!

One response to “The journey so far – Part 2

  1. Any chance we can make requests for blog topics? How about a post about all the cool properties of hydrofluoric acid? 🙂

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